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Tuesday, October 27, 2020



Nishta: National initiative for holistic progress of school heads and teachers

Nishta is a capacity building program for "Improving the Quality of School Education through Integrated Teacher Training". It also aims to build skills between all teachers and school principals at an early stage. Activists (at state, district, block, cluster level) will be integrated trained on education outcomes, school-based assessment, learner-centered pedagogy, new education initiatives, addressing various needs of children through multiple pedagogies, etc. 

The main expected results from Nishtha are:

  • Improving students' learning outcomes.
  • Enabling and enriching the atmosphere in an equivalent classroom
  • Teachers as first-level counselors become aware and responsive to the social, emotional and psychological needs of the students.
  • Teachers are trained to use art as pedagogy, which leads to creativity and innovation in students.
  • Teachers are trained to develop and strengthen the personal-social qualities of students for their holistic development.
  • Creating a healthy and safe school environment.
  • Integration of ICT in teaching and assessment.
  • The training focused on developing open school-based assessments, developing learning skills.
  • Teachers embrace activity-based learning and move from rot learning to competency-based learning.
  • Teachers and school heads are aware of new initiatives in school education.
  • Transformation of school heads to provide academic and administrative leadership to schools to promote new initiatives.



Module 10: Teaching Languages

Learning objectives

This language pedagogy module seeks to support state resource groups/master trainers:
Understand different aspects of language learning. The nature of language learning, the role of language in learning, interlinguistic and strategy as a tool, language education policy, objectives of language education in Indian contexts, ideas and philosophy of National Curriculum Framework-2005;
Familiarize teachers with the approach to Integrated Skills for Literacy and Language Learning (LSRW), involve children in context-based activities to develop children's communication skills, provide authoritative texts and assessments as an approach to learning;

Able to bring out language learning outcomes and pedagogical processes for different phases;
Sensitizing teachers on the use of different strategies for language teaching - including language skills - teaching listening and speaking, reading, writing and grammar, vocabulary, etc .;
Understanding of general matters such as knowing the learner, gender issues, special needs, inclusive classrooms, school-based pre-vocational education and other such appropriate issues;
Use strategies to understand processes and report continuous assessment and learning outcomes; And
Enable them to increase the capacity of teachers to achieve the learning outcomes determined for each class in different subject areas.


Learning objectives

After going through this module, the learner is expected
Must have a basic understanding of science as a subject at the upper primary level
At the higher study stage, there is a basic understanding of textual expectations and learning outcomes
Apply science inquiry as a process of investigation and knowledge construction
Explain how the teacher can facilitate learning
Integrate materials, pedagogy, and assessment during the teaching-learning process
Design different learning situations to deal with concepts

The plan is to form National Resource Groups (NRGs) and State Resource Groups (SRGs) at the national and state levels, which will then train 42 lakh teachers. A strong portal/management information system (MIS) has been used for the delivery of training, monitoring and support mechanisms since this capacity-building initiative. In view of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, it is now planned to train SRGs and teachers in SR online mode. The first online training for Andhra Pradesh SRG will be launched on July 16, 2020.

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Important: Please always Check and Confirm the above details with the official website and Advertisement / Notification.


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