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Friday, August 28, 2020




Education Department instructs teachers to submit their ideas online. Teachers' Day will also be celebrated online under digital education in the state. O >> Students have closed their schools in this situation. B Ed has released a message expressing the start of the admission process from today. This year, all the government-affiliated B.Ed. Has been done in colleges. Students have to come up with the name of their teacher in starting the admission process from 9th to 15th September. 6 entries of the state in view of the Koro epidemic. Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad written or centers have been decided for their teacher. Students will have to go to any of the centers to get admission on the basis of merit. At present, in many states, last year's exams are pending in our universities by taking selfies on the 9th of this month. In this situation, the celebration of Teacher's Day last September, teachers, our heroes, hashtag year students will also be involved in the admission process. Currently, however, Corona will be uploaded in a virtual format. However, these students will not have to continue schooling due to the conditional admission epidemic in that college. Against which the teachers will be given. Due to the detailed program of admissions and knowledge of the centers, the virtual celebration has also been hashtagged and posted on the Selfie and Teachers University website. Has been announced. Will have to leave a message. Thus, it is important for schools to instruct them to celebrate online as both teachers and students are not involved in online and education. The process must be completed. Teachers can't even make Teacher's Day compulsory. In this situation, by writing a message about the teacher, he has been instructed to celebrate due to the epidemic of selfie cores. Students will have to post an online Teacher's Day.

The marks of the students appearing for both the exams will be calculated on the basis of offline only. From there the administrators will be able to give early admission. Submission of students will be given to change the provision of 3 different centers online in the suburbs. Students will have to take the exam. Bhavnagar, will not be crowded anywhere in the college from Botad, Chhota Udepur to Amreli, Navsari, Surat, Valsad Anand, Bharuch, 2 Gujarat University will be in NSU . In the examination, the guideline was kept in all the places by the supervisor every day and it was introduced by the activists that the content zones are changing, but they have come. In addition, an examination seating arrangement has been arranged in one block. In the present situation of Raipur and Naroda, the supervisor has to keep a small number of students per day. Both these centers were replaced by the examination department after the introduction of the students. However, at present,

       The announcement to give some other supervisors in the same class at a cost is being seen by the students of Gujarat University, which is causing resentment among the students. There has also been an urgency to keep. Students' meeting is to be held from 3rd and 12th September. If a student's health has been declared a good number. Their hall is based on the marks obtained in the guideline examination for various examinations. Tickets have been put online by the university as to who is not in the exam and can sit for the exam. Has been announced. Which students will prepare the result. Thus, if there is no precaution and arrangement to be made, the Gujarat students will have to take the application and if they want to take the online exam, they will have to send both the exams along with the guideline to the university observer. Even students who have given in to printing will be able to, but the result has come offline. Which will only have to be given in one block. These students will be able to take the exam online if they have any difficulty or error. 15 students who will be prepared on this basis will have to be seated. The examination will be conducted separately at the center. The online exam has also been clarified after giving the study exam in the college two days ago. At the time of admission, not every student has to stay in a hostel and study by contacting the college. If the student has to do temperature screening of both the universities from 9th September. Students will have to send a copy to the university with the amendment as there is no hostel at present.

Salary increase for one lakh workers of Mid-day Meal Scheme Adakorona's Eclipse મુજબ As per the announcement of the Center, the government does not allow salaries for providing more than 3000 meals a month to millions of school children. The wage hike was provided by the central government following repeated demands to make representations. However, as the session of Parliament was getting shorter in March due to the eclipse of Navgujarat Samay> Gandhinagar Corona, the mid-term proposal in additional Gujarat schools was not approved by Parliament. The condition of the employees of Bhojan Yojana In this regard, the mid-day Bhojan Yojana employee is Kafodi.

 Rajendrasinh Chudasama, president of the one-sided government scheme union, told the administrator, chef and assistant that while Corona provides meager Gujarat wages, the Center has been able to snatch away 96,000 workers by announcing a pay hike by the government. The state government could not implement the construction of schools due to the recent Corona crisis. According to the announcements of all the centers which were to be closed down, the condition of the current administrator has deteriorated. In these circumstances, Rs 1,600, Rs 1,400 to the chef and Rs 1,500 to the cook cum state government, thousands of helpers from Gujarat. 500 and 300 are getting no middle ground for employees instead of Rs. The demand for a monthly allowance of Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500 was to get a salary for years. Low-wage workers have been doing state and center work for the past few years.

Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has advised the National Bal Bhawan, New Delhi, to organize children awards at a national level to encourage their overall development. Mr Pokhriyal on Tuesday held a review meeting with the senior officials of the Education Ministry and the National Bal Bhawan.

“I advised the officials to start felicitating children by organizing 'Children's Awards' at a national level to motivate them and encourage their overall development, creative energy, and positive growth,” Mr Pokhriyal said on social media.

In the review meeting, the Education Minister discussed the grants and expenditure of the National Bal Bhawan. The minister also reviewed posts and vacancies of the National Bal Bhawan and the different activities that the institute has planned for 2020.

“During the meeting, I assessed the progress made by @nbbdelhi in the last two years, its current membership details & training programmes,” Mr Pokhriyal said.

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